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Re: [PLUG] [OT] New Macbooks

Claude M. Schrader wrote:
> On 15:50 Fri 03 Jul     , Brian Vagnoni wrote:
>> So what are folks feelings on the new Macbook and the non-removable battery?
> One of the advantages of having the non-removable battery is that it lets
> them squeeze in more cells. I keep hearing the battery life on the new
> macbooks are amazing. David Pogue said his intern gets 6.5 hours on his.
> Anandtech got 8! Apple also claims that this generation of batteries
> should have a way longer lifespan than in the past iirc. 

If it runs the computer about 50% longer per charge than a removable battery 
allows and the battery has a longer useful life then the only question I have is 
what happens when the battery reaches the end of it's useful life some years 
down the road?

In other words: is this non-removable battery replaceable by Apple factory techs 
or does the Macbook pro become a power-tethered system only?

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