Art Clemons on 10 Jul 2009 11:07:35 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Dell really gets Linux - at last

> Still, ndiswrapper is quite elegant at least in it's purpose.  Perhaps saving
> the Linux community from a serious temporary problem (or making them (me) lazy?).

I think you're ignoring the argument over whether or not ndiswrapper
taints the kernel since it loads propietary code.  There was at least
some suggestion that since ndiswrapper itself was GPL, a new policy was
justified by ndiswrapper.  I lost track of the argument since I stopped
using ndiswrapper.  I originally considered the consideration of taint
moot, but after seeing Microsoft sue over using long names with VFAT, in
hindsight, worry over taint isn't moot.
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