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Re: [PLUG] Mass media eraser

On Thursday 16 July 2009 14:18:51 James Barrett wrote:
> Gasoline is $2.50 a gallon. How big is the company parking lot, Adam?  ;)
> Magnetic media like floppies are fragile, and unsafe for re-use. It's
> simply not worth it to write over the data. Same goes with older hard
> drives.  No big company is going to re-use 20GB hard drives.
> Decade-old drives can't be RMA'd, so a hammer and a box of nails is
> the cheapest solution for those.

Before the price of scrap metal went back down, I made some nice desk 
ornaments from the disks, red light magnets for motorcycles and scooters, and 
had planned on taking the IT team out for beers with the cases.

No beer, but I got magnets and desk ornaments.

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