Andrew Libby on 17 Jul 2009 13:27:56 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] favorite admin tools

Claude M. Schrader wrote:
> 3) Not to rehash the vi/emacs war, but you really do need to at least know
> a few commands in VI. You don't need to like it, but I've been on numerous
> old boxes (BSDi, slowaris) where VI was the only editor installed, so it may
> be your only option at some point. Besides.....what are you going to use
> when your emacs config file gets corrupted? *ducks*

I'd like to add to this.  If you do learn vi for the
purposes of having the skills handy when it's really
important....  1. Use it pretty regularly.  While I don't
code in vi much these days I tend to do all my systems admin
with it.  2. Learn to use the navigation h (left), j (down)
k (up), l (right).   Reason for this is on older machines
the arrow keys don't tend to work.  That can be a pretty
frustrating experience....


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