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Re: [PLUG] Linux vs. PC-BSD as a desktop OS?

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Greg Helledy wrote:
> I've been using linux as a desktop OS since 2002, Debian stable since 
> Woody.  Periodically, I read things about how great the BSDs are. 
> PC-BSD seems to be a "distro" of FreeBSD, aimed at filling the desktop 
> role.  The reviews tend to focus on the iffy ease-of-use of KDE4, rather 
> than the overall usability and maintainability of the system (I'm a KDE3 
> user so I guess I'll face this sooner or later anyway).
> Has anyone used PC-BSD or FreeBSD as a desktop?  Any major pluses or 
> minuses vs. Debian?  This isn't really linux so maybe it's better kept 
> off-list.  Thanks,
> Greg

well, PC-BSD is a "distro" of *BSD. FreeBSD is also a "distro" of *BSD.
they're not meant to be hierarchical, they're meant to be forks.

that being said, PC-bsd has shady hardware support but it's a lot easier
install/setup/ freebsd has a wider supported hardware base and is one of
the best maintained *bsd's, but it's a bit tricky if you're new to bsd.

personally, i prefer openbsd but that's because i tend to only use bsd
on servers or network appliances (routers, firewalls, etc.).

bsd is still lacking pretty far behind in the desktop area, in my opinion.
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