jeff on 21 Jul 2009 10:35:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] snmp/mibs

Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
> In the Linux world, I would appreciate any insights into server/storage/network 
> monitoring and reporting, 
> including SNMP,reading MIB's, monitoring tools, reporting tools, event definition.

MRTG works in either environment and I've had it running under both.  I 
used it initially for pinging, then to keep an eye on traffic.  With 
some playing around, you can graph whatever you want, although its 
successor might be a better choice (RRD).

There are some really cool virtual appliances that come with everything 
prepackaged ( and will run under vmplayer (or ESX).  Very 
good way to check things out.  Cactus is pretty cool, as RRD goes.  Some 
combine packages.

I've mentioned The Dude (, which is cross-platform and will 
tell you almost anything you want to know, impress your boss with blinky 
graphics, and call you when anything goes wrong.  You can ask it to 
check things it doesn't out of the box via scripting.

Good luck.

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