Bob Schwier on 23 Jul 2009 20:56:56 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] easy peasy

--- On Wed, 7/22/09, Art Alexion <> wrote:

From: Art Alexion <>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] easy peasy
To: "Philadelphia Linux User's Group Discussion List" <>
Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 8:52 PM

On Wednesday 22 July 2009 19:18:47 Art Clemons wrote:
> Wouldn't the netbook remix be an easier first install rather than
> attempting to do an upgrade?  Incidentally I found it easier to install
> from flash ram rather than a DVD on an external DVD drive with an MSI
> Wind, your mileage may vary.

Yeah, I downloaded the UNR*, and am going to try it tomorrow.  

I have only installed on these things via usb stick.  Never tried external 

*Is anyone using Paetec and noticing speeds from Canonical servers are very 
slow?  Starts out fast and slows to a crawl.  killing aptitude (or pausing 
DownThemAll in this instance) speeds them up for a short after restart, and 
then thet slow down again.

Paetec again?  Just quit my address with netaxs.  Amusingly, their
email system dumped my inbox the same way it had when I got angry and
The machine is not a server but it is a Dell Ubantu desktop which I guess
means Canonical.

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