JP Vossen on 23 Jul 2009 23:44:19 -0700

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[PLUG] Installing Linux from USB keys

Art's recent thread prompts me to ask, everyone knows about Ubuntu's 
'usb-creator', right?  It is available for 8.04 and installed by default 
in 8.10 and newer.

Jaunty calls it System-->Admin-->"USB Startup Disk Creator"
Intrepid calls  System-->Admin-->"Create a USB startup disk"

It's a GUI app that "burns" any given ISO to a bootable USB stick 
(assuming your hardware and BIOS can boot USB).  It's drop-dead simple 
to use.  You can even boot a LiveCD and use that CD to burn to the USB 
(see "Live USB creator" in the "FromUSBStick" URL above)!  Great, simple 
little tool.

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