Gordon Dexter on 29 Jul 2009 06:53:02 -0700

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[PLUG] Why is my MAC changing?

Ok, so I'm in Vegas for BlackHat and DEFCON, and last night I signed up 
for the hotel's wired internet.  Twelve bucks a day, ouch, but what can 
I say, I need my fix.

So this morning I get on and I'm in the captive portal again, and it's 
asking me to pay again.  Not fun.  I call help desk and they put me on 
hold for so long that I start to fiddle around and I notice that instead 
of eth0 my interface is called eth3 for some reason, and it has a MAC 
address of 00:00:20:00:00:00 or something similar (I know it was zeros 
with a single two somewhere in the middle of it).  I've noticed before 
that every time I plug and unplug the cable the interface name changes, 
but now it seems that after a while it also starts giving me the wrong 
MAC.  What is doing this?  Is it the kernel module?  I'm running Ubuntu 
EEE 8.04.3, and I seem to remember it has a kernel transplanted from the 
factory Xandros to get wireless working.  Or is NetworkManager 
responsible?  How can I fix this?  I installed macchanger, so I can 
probably just keep changing the MAC back in software, but that will get 
annoying quick.


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