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Re: [PLUG] plug and play success story with Debian

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Greg Helledy wrote:
> I was ordering things from an online site and noticed that they had a 
> no-name bluetooth USB dongle for $10.  I already connect my phone to the 
> computer with an appropriate USB cable but thought I'd give bluetooth a try.
> I'm running lenny with the 2.6.26 kernel image and KDE 3.5.  To my 
> amazement, after adding the bluez-related packages, it "just worked"--a 
> bluetooth icon appeared in the tray, it discovered my phone and could 
> send files to it (OBEX push).  Attempting to run "service discovery" 
> causes a crash of the "service discovery" app but the link remains active.
> I got a result better than I expected.  I have to learn some 
> bluetooth-related terminology, but as far as I'm concerned the day of 
> desktop linux for the common man is getting nearer.
> Greg

that's great to hear!

yeah, the bluetooth usb dongles have a LOT of good support right
in-kernel (but may not be enabled or patched with it based on your
distro). same with wi-fi dongles.

i was pleasantly surprised when i got my lenovo to find that the
bluetooth device in it Just Worked(TM).
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