Richard Freeman on 8 Aug 2009 03:44:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Making international calls

Matt Mossholder wrote:
> Yes, you can use Skype, Ekiga, and Gizmo5 (and others, I am sure) to 
> make VoIP to POTS calls. It is cheaper than straight POTS. Not nearly as 
> cheap as straight VoIP, though :) Another one to look into is Pulver 
> Free World Dialer.

If you make lots of calls you can consider other options - once you 
start getting serious about VOIP there are lots of providers who can 
complete your calls.  If you use something like asterisk you can even 
configure your system to pick the cheapest provider based on the number 

If you want something very simple, consider google voice.  I have an 
invite or two lying around (assuming they don't expire) - just let me 
know if you want one.  Or you can sign up at and you 
may get one within a few days.  This is dirt simple - you log into a 
webpage and indicate what number you want to dial and then they call you 
at whatever number you set up and then complete the call to your 
destination.  Domestic is free, international has low rates published on 
their website.  It is all prepay so no risk of surprises, and the POTS 
is incoming so nothing shows up on your regular bill (unless you use a 
cell phone of course).
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