JP Vossen on 7 Aug 2009 13:40:27 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MythTV digital --> analog?

> Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 07:29:33 -0400
> From: Matt Mossholder <>
> Subject: Re: [PLUG] MythTV digital --> analog?
> For shows that come down from Comcast in 480i, you don't need to do
> anything. They should just "work". For shows at higher rates/sizes, they
> should work as long as they are displaying from a computer, rather than
> something like a MediaMVP. If they ARE connected to a MediaMVP, you can use
> MythTV's post-processing function to run an external program to do the
> conversion (mplayer/mencoder, xine,vlc, mythtranscode, etc.)

Right, this is via the MVP [1], and I was looking for the way to do the 
post-processing.  You ever look at that stuff.  If you think git makes 
your eyes bleed, try figuring out that stuff...

> On the Converter Box front, all you need to do is go to your local comcast
> office and ask for one. The are  NOT the same thing as the OTA ones, and
> they are free.

Sounds like I want a Digital adapter (DTA), right?

> You'll want to look into a program called sctescan, which can
> pick out all the channel information for the clear QAM channels off the
> wire. It makes life a LOT simpler.

Are you sure about the spelling?  I get only 4 Google hits on that, and 
all point are user discussions only mentioning it.


[1] Matt already knows this, but for anyone else, the Media MVP is a 
tiny set-top box that can just barely play MPEG2 via an hardware ASIC. 
It's low def, analog only, but a great little box for all of that.  I 
use the mvpmc F/OSS firmware which is really nice since it can play 
music from a SlimServer/SqueezeCenter (GPL Perl-based server), Internet 
radio, and more.  It can't do closed captions, digital or HD though.
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