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Re: [PLUG] logging user activity

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Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
> how do you setup logging of user logins?

well, this should be supported right out of the box. in ubuntu/debian,
check /var/log/auth.log

if it isn't there, you may need to set it up manually [1].

> what user activities can be logged (and how do you do it) once they are
> logged in?

i'm not quite sure about logging- others mentioned the logging shell. i
know that screen can log to a file, and i'm sure there's a hack out
there that lets one set the default ssh session to a locked down screen
session which logs somewhere.

you can use something like pessulus or the various kiosk tools/scripts
to lock down activity for graphical sessions (which sometimes circumvent
the shell's normal method of doing things, so octal
modes/ownerships/sticky bits etc. won't work the way they're supposed to).

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