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Re: [PLUG] Swap on SD

To create a swap:

1.  > cfdisk /dev/SDHC (whatever it's called) and create a new partition (you 
will probblyhave to erase the current one).  Make sure you set it to the 
correct type (type 82)
2.  > mkswap /dev/SDHC1 to make the swap file
3.  > swapon /dev/SDHC1 to activate the new swap
4. Edit /etc/fstab to point to /dev/SDHC1

I don't know if SDHC is fast or not, but I think you may be smart to try to 
minimize the "gratuitous" writes to the SSD

On Sunday August 16, 2009 2:34:05 pm Art Alexion wrote:
> I have been configuring EeePCs without swap to minimize wear on the SSD. 
> It usually only matters with Firefox.
> The Eee 1000 comes with a built in SD reader.  I figure that I can direct
> swap there.  If it fails, the cost of an SD card is minimal (4 GB = $14 at
> Target today).
> Two questions:
> 1) does that make sense, or is SDHC too slow for swap?
> 2) I have never added swap after an install.  Is there a way to make it a
> swap partition, or should I put a swap file there?  If the latter, do I
> need to reformat/repartition it for swap file use?  If I am doing that, do
> I just make it a swap partition?
> (I guess that's more than 2 questions)
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