Art Alexion on 16 Aug 2009 11:59:24 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Swap on SD

On Sunday 16 August 2009 14:42:58 Casey Bralla wrote:
> To create a swap:
> 1.  > cfdisk /dev/SDHC (whatever it's called) and create a new partition
> (you will probblyhave to erase the current one).  Make sure you set it to
> the correct type (type 82)
> 2.  > mkswap /dev/SDHC1 to make the swap file
> 3.  > swapon /dev/SDHC1 to activate the new swap

Here is how I did the foregoing.
1) used gparted to shrink the existing fat32 partition to ~2 GB.
2) moved the fat32 to the the beginning of the disk, eliminating wasted space.
3) created sdc2 as swap with the remaining space. 
4) turned swapon in gparted

> 4. Edit /etc/fstab to point to /dev/SDHC1

Is that all I need to do to make it permanent?
Should I use uuid syntax so that other usb storage never confuses it?

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