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Re: [PLUG] Speakers needed for upcoming meetings, all chapters

cjohnson19791979@gmail.com wrote:
> Does anyone use smoothwall? (shrugs)
Smoothwall is a firewall 'appliance'  that uses a dedicated computer (
or VM )

After the popularity of the recent Virtualization round-table at Plug
North,  perhaps
the topic of Linux security appliances would be of interest.    Most of
these appliances
run Linux,  but the user interface is a Web GUI that requires little or
no Linux knowledge.

Is there interest in a Security appliance round-table  ?   

I don't use Smoothwall,  but Endian Community security appliance which
is not
only a  4 zone firewall, but intrusion protection, OpenVPN server, DHCP
and DNS
server,  DansGuardian Filter, and other things.  ( Open-source, with
optional paid
support and/or hardware )

I have also been experimenting with Vyatta open-source router ( it is
also a firewall,
DNS and DHCP server )   This is more appropriate for large corporate
as it supports  BGP,  and unlimited firewall zones.  ( Open Source, with
optional paid
support and/or hardware )

Yes you can do this with just Linux,  but there are some business cases
where the
client/user needs to have GUI and/or paid support and some form of appliance
solution is really needed.

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> Hey folks,
> Our schedule for the next few months is a quite bare for all our chapters:
> http://www.phillylinux.org/meetings.html
> Are there any interesting projects you're working on that you'd be
> interested in presenting on?
> Any suggestions for another lightning talk meeting (several short
> presentations on a topic) that you'd be able to contribute to?
> OK... even any talks you'd like to see? Maybe someone on list will
> pipe up and offer to present on it :)
> Thanks!

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