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[PLUG] SQLite follow-up

Thanks again to Walt for taking his talk on the road to PLUG W, it was 
very useful.

I poked around a bit more and found some useful links.  Something I 
learned is that the code is public domain, so you can do anything at all 
with it.

	Walt's slide on extending SQLite with Perl
	Home page, has a nice FAQ and also a wiki
	Wikipedia on SQLite (interesting and quick summary/history)
	Useful and extensive (not short) SQLite Tutorial
	Simple cross-platform (QT) SQLite GUI browser/manager
	SQLite GUI browser/manager XUL plugin

	F/OSS Flat-File Database?
	dbtxt - A tiny PD database in Python (flat file)

There is a vaguely similar tool called the "Microsoft Log Parser" that 
is--wait for it--Windows only.  It allows you to attach to a flat-file 
in many different formats and run SQL-similar commands against the file. 
  It also allows many different output formats.  Much more generic than 
SQLite, but nothing you can't do in Perl, Python or whatever.  May be 
useful, especially to non-programmers familiar with SQL who are stuck on 
Windows.  The book has a log of good material and examples.
	Using Log Parser 2.2
	Download Log Parser 2.2
	The "Unofficial Log Parser Support Site"
	Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit book (very good -JP)"Microsoft+Log+Parser+Toolkit";

Speaking of Perl, there's the Perl DBD::CSV module that allows you to 
treat flat CSV files like they were a DB. See and maybe even

Hope this is useful,
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