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Hi there,

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We've just launched a new webcast series focusing on issues and concerns
that transcend national boundaries. The O'Reilly Radar Global Issues
Webcast Series will feature scientists, technologists, and other thought
leaders seeking to inform and engage O'Reilly's audience about the most
pressing issues of the day, including energy, climate, the environment,
and globalization. The series, offered free of charge, is designed to
educate as well as involve the audience in an ongoing discussion about
these topics.

Kicking off the series is "Energy Literacy" presented by Dr. Saul
Griffith, on Wednesday, August 26 at 10am PT. Griffith has multiple
degrees in materials science and mechanical engineering, and is the
co-founder of numerous companies, including WattzOn, a free online tool
to quantify, track, compare and understand the total amount of energy
needed to support all of the facets of your lifestyle. Registration is
required in advance. 

To register, go to:

On September 3, Prof. Per F. Peterson, chair of the Department of
Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, will
present "Nuclear Energy: Future Directions." Peterson's talk will cover the
current status of nuclear energy, and review the potential directions
the technology may go in the future. Other speakers in the series
include Dr. S. Pete Worden, NASA Ames Research Center Director and
Sameer Padania, Hub Manager for Witness.org.

To register, go to:

Rather than offering a passive experience, webcasts provide the
opportunity for audience participation. Attendees view the live
presentations via their computers and are encouraged to share comments,
questions, and resources through the event chat room while the event
takes place.

"Our webcasts typically attract a global audience. It's not unusual
to host participants from thirty countries or more," says Allen Noren,
O'Reilly's vice president of online initiatives. "Each webcast generates
an explosion of creative participation, much like our conferences. We
fully expect that attendees of this series will be informed, and we
fully expect to see solutions offered."

For more information about the O'Reilly Radar Global Issues Webcast
Series and other O'Reilly webcasts, see: 

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