JP Vossen on 20 Aug 2009 13:07:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Mythbuntu experience

 > Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:15:13 -0400
 > From: jeff <>

 > The only thing missing was an actual video device.  I have a K-World
 > USB digital tuner, which I plugged in, only to find that there was no
 > apparent way to make Myth realize I had plugged it in.

To cover the bases, you ran all the back-end "setup" GUIs and stuff, 
right?  I'd be more specific, but it seems to me that there are 2-3 
different menus/tools and I find that whole part confusing.

 > I don't know if this is normal but there's little to no mouse
 > function. Everything is keyboard.  Doesn't LOOK normal.  Mouse cursor
 > tends to disappear.

Yeah, that's a "feature" that's intended to allow 100% control using 
only an IR remote control.  It's interesting, as Mythbuntu 7.10 was like 
that, full-screen MythTV and that's it.  My default Mythbuntu 8.04 LTS 
however has a real XFCE desktop as well, just there.  Since you love 
XFCE so much, maybe you should downgrade (esp. since Mythbuntu 9.04 
isn't LTS and who wants to mess with this every 6 months)?

There are client config settings that allow you to re-appear the mouse 
and to run in a window, both of which I usually use.  One minor 
annoyance is that I've never found a way to easily copy settings from 
front-end to front-end.  I've done it via SQL commands in the back-end, 
but that's a PITA.  Doing it manually is just as bad, especially for the 
weather settings.

 > I managed to locate Ubuntu and determined via dmesg that the entire
 > system refused to recognize the hardware.  Then I plugged it into a
 > different pc, where the system didn't recognize the usb device.
 > Lovely.
 > Fortunately I had a 2nd usb device (which also refused to be
 > recognized by 2nd pc).  It was actually recognized by the system but
 > again, I could find no way to get Myth to recognize it.  This
 > parallels my experience trying to simply view tv via this device under
 > Xubuntu.

I dunno about that hardware.  Maybe the various previously mentioned 
MythTV meetings will be able to help?

 > Is the idea here that it wants me to purchase a real capture/tuner
 > card? Is it likely to be recognized by Myth?  Are they reasonable?

Matt, Amul and probably everyone else will tell you just get a Silicon 
Dust "HD Homerun" (~$150 on Amazon or Newegg or wherever).  It's also 
USB but is said to Just Work Great with MythTV and Mythbuntu.  I don't 
have one yet, since I'm still stuck in the analog days, but sooner or 
later...  My second problem is that even if I can capture in HD, my 
"Media MVP" (with F/OSS mvpmc firmware) front-ends are not capable of 
playing HD.

For my MythTV experiences, in painful (both to read and format-wise) 
detail, see  (Best viewed in a 
text editor that easily allows flipping between word-wrapped and not. 
One of these years I'll HTML-ize that mess.)

All the minor issues aside, I really love MythTV and Mythbuntu.  I get 
to control my data, I can hack the MySQL DB and change stuff around, 
like when descriptions are wrong, I can edit the MPEG files and cut out 
commercials (using a somewhat buggy tool called GopChop), and more.

Good luck,
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