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[PLUG] the character least likely to find in a Unix file name

We have an interesting point of discussion about the following two sed lines:
   PATH=`echo $PATH | sed "s"'$'"$old_paht"'$'"$new_path"'$'`
   PATH=`echo $PATH | sed "s,$old_path,$new_path,"`

We would like to have a sed script that modifies the PATH in a way
that follows the principle of least astonishment.

Someone decided the dollar sign was the least likely to find in a
filename and produced the above code.  Another voiced concern over
legibility and to stick to characters that don't require escaping.
Another said the semi-colon was the best option.  The discussion
degenerated into using tilde, back tick and a few others that cause
weird things.

Any thoughts?
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