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Re: [PLUG] PHP + MySQL book or online tutorial


I'm a big fan of O'Reilly books.  Their "MySQL Cookbook" is a lot
like the "Bash Cookbook" written by our own JP Vossen -- lots of short
concrete "recipes" of how to do the things you need to do.  It's a
great jumpstart if you don't want to have to slog through an entire
tutorial or manual to find the bits you need.  The recipes that
deal with accessing MySQL from a programming language all include
complete code examples in Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python and Java.  It also
includes 4 chapters (36 recipes, 200 pages) on accessing MySQL from
a Web application, including complete instructions on setting up
Apache to call Perl, Ruby, PHP and Python apps that use MySQL, and
complete instructions for setting up Tomcat to call Java apps that
use MySQL.  The setup instructions focus on Unix/Linux, but also
cover Windows.  I've been using O'Reilly books, largely in Unix/Linux
environments for over 20 years, with never a disappointment.

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Adam Zion wrote:
> I've hacked a bit @ PHP + MySQL, but I'd like a more structured
> tutorial to become more familiar w/it. I've learned some from various
> Websites, but none has really impressed me as a full-fledged tutorial.
> Can anyone recommend specific a specific book or Website which would
> be a good educational resource for PHP + MySQL? My goals are fairly
> basic: create Websites which can manipulate (add/remove/query data,
> etc.) from MySQL databases on linux.
> Thx,
> -Z
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