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Re: [PLUG] PHP + MySQL book or online tutorial

I used a couple of books to get me going.

I bought several "Brainiac" SQL books but for me it was the "LAN Times Guide to
SQL" that gave me the most traction.  This is a special area that contains a lot
of detailed concepts - I recommend a concentrated study of relational databases
in general and SQL in particular.

For the PHP/MySQL part of the equation I felt that I leaned the most from "PHP
and MySQL Web Developmnet" by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson.  It remains on my
"immediate" book shelf years later.

Then, three or four years later I stumbled upon the Code Igniter framework and
I've never looked back.


Adam Zion wrote:
> I've hacked a bit @ PHP + MySQL, but I'd like a more structured
> tutorial to become more familiar w/it. I've learned some from various
> Websites, but none has really impressed me as a full-fledged tutorial.
> Can anyone recommend specific a specific book or Website which would
> be a good educational resource for PHP + MySQL? My goals are fairly
> basic: create Websites which can manipulate (add/remove/query data,
> etc.) from MySQL databases on linux.
> Thx,
> -Z
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