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Re: [PLUG] Verizon blocking port 25

>>  I find this an interesting take on American
>> society and the internet, where "buying one's way to legitimacy" is
>> commonly-accepted, whether through ssl certs or buying one's way into a
>> "good" school district by paying more for a house.  I guess this is
>> probably OT.
> More than OT, you're completely nuts. You've taken a simple policy and 
> turned it into a social commentary.

Yes, but I don't see how that's "nuts".  Policies form society.

> Your whole complaint is that our 
> system of trust is validated through the exchange of currency. I buy an 
> SSL certificate from a CA and give them money, so that they sign my 
> certificate and say "Hey, he's Sean and he gave me some $ to back it up."

I'm observing that A won't listen to B if B pays C $X for an internet 
connection.  If B pays C $2X for an internet connection, A will listen 
to him.  I do find that noteworthy.

> If you feel uncomfortable with that, start your own CA and validate 
> trust through a different scheme. Good luck dealing with high demand.

Hmm, radical concept.  A CA that verifies identity, rather than issuing 
certs purely based on payment of a fee.  You're right, that's preposterous.


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