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Re: [PLUG] Verizon blocking port 25

Greg Helledy wrote:

>> Your whole complaint is that our 
>> system of trust is validated through the exchange of currency. I buy an 
>> SSL certificate from a CA and give them money, so that they sign my 
>> certificate and say "Hey, he's Sean and he gave me some $ to back it up."
> I'm observing that A won't listen to B if B pays C $X for an internet 
> connection.  If B pays C $2X for an internet connection, A will listen 
> to him.  I do find that noteworthy.

See, it's not really the dollars - don't focus on the money.  It's the
experience.  "A" has experienced that perhaps as much as 99% of the mail that
comes from "B" is SPAM IF "B" has a dynamic residential account.  "A" has also
experienced that perhaps as much as 99% of the mail that comes from "B" is NOT
SPAM IF "B" has a static IP.  So, it's really not about the money... it's the
collective experience of all the "A"s related to the type of IP that determines
who listens to who.

If static IP was cheaper than dynamic then the situation reverses and the
cheaper connections get listened to.  Therefore, the amount of money one pays
for an IP connection is irrelevant to the issue of whether some "A" will listen
to you or not.

Hope that helps!

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