Gordon Dexter on 27 Aug 2009 16:49:53 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to avoid spam blacklists?...

Fred Stluka wrote:
> PLUGgers,
> Since we're all talking about SMTP anyhow (on a related thread
> that I chose to NOT hijack),
> I run an SMTP server on my Linux server on a static non-residential
> IP address.  No problem for years.
> Now, I'm moving to a virtual server in the cloud at Amazon EC2.
> Two problems:
> - Amazon assigns me a dynamic IP address in a range suspected as a
>   likely spam source by the RBLs (black lists).
> - Amazon's reverse DNS maps my IP address to the Amazon-assigned
>   name (ec2-174-129-10-250.compute-1.amazonaws.com) to match the
>   forward DNS they provide, not the name (trident.bristle.com)
>   that I actually use and that my own forward DNS provides.
> Therefore, much of my outgoing mail is rejected as likely to be spam.
> No luck yet getting Amazon to assign a "cleaner" IP address, or to
> update its reverse DNS.
> Any suggestions?
> --Fred
Keep complaining until they fix it.  If Amazon doesn't fix it, don't use 
them.  If they're not going to make their connection hosting friendly 
then they don't deserve you as a customer.  Find a company that does 
deserve your business.  If that's too expensive, then live with it, or 
don't host your own mail.


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