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[PLUG] How to avoid spam blacklists?...


Since we're all talking about SMTP anyhow (on a related thread
that I chose to NOT hijack),

I run an SMTP server on my Linux server on a static non-residential
IP address.  No problem for years.

Now, I'm moving to a virtual server in the cloud at Amazon EC2.
Two problems:

- Amazon assigns me a dynamic IP address in a range suspected as a
  likely spam source by the RBLs (black lists).

- Amazon's reverse DNS maps my IP address to the Amazon-assigned
  name ( to match the
  forward DNS they provide, not the name (
  that I actually use and that my own forward DNS provides.

Therefore, much of my outgoing mail is rejected as likely to be spam.

No luck yet getting Amazon to assign a "cleaner" IP address, or to
update its reverse DNS.

Any suggestions?

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