Lee Marzke on 1 Sep 2009 15:09:22 -0700

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[PLUG] Verizon business installs of WiFi AP's

FYI,   I'm in a local hotspot that Verizon just installed in the last week or so.

Bones Grill in Kulpsville, PA    Googlemap:  http://tinyurl.com/mvyoqj
which has great food,  btw, and 25c  wings Tuesdays.

The SSID is:   9FEF5        128Bit  WEP ( using HEX key )

Are the Verizon guys just clueless ?  Why wouldn't they at least change the SSID
to something like  BonesGrille Kulpsville    The local management is, of course, completely
clueless about WiFi.

This is a pain, as the Ubuntu network manager  doesn't have a description entry for
each saved WiFi AP ( So I guess I'll have to track them manually )


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