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[PLUG] Crunchbang: Wow!

No questions, I just wanted to share something. I got an Asus Eee 900
a few weeks back, + have been playing w/various distros ever since.
The distro with which it shipped, Xandros, seemed far too toylike for
my liking, so I quickly removed that. I then went to the
painfully-named Easy Peasy Linux, which evolved from the Ubuntu
Netbook Remix, but I didn't care for its interface either.

>From there, I explored until I found eeebuntu. I liked that, but found
the Gnome interface to be rather too high-powered for a netbook. And,
while an LXDE version is coming soon, it's not yet ready, and
currently lacks some important management tools for the Eee.

But, with a bit more searching, I stumbled upon Crunchbang Mini (aka
#!, formerly known as Cruncheee) Linux. As opposed to Gnome, #! uses
Openbox- small, and screamingly fast. The default installation comes
pre-configured w/Conky to get an idea of its resource usage, and it
typically indicates that it's running *entirely* in RAM- 0 swap usage.
Brilliant. And, since it's Ubuntu-based, I still have access to an
incredible base of software using apt-get + Synaptic.

I know about other minimal distros like Puppy + DSL, but the Ubuntu
underpinnings of #! remain a huge selling point.

Now, if IBM would only release a netbook which used its incredibly
clever 'butterfly' keyboard...

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