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Re: [PLUG] data in $HOME

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JP Vossen wrote:
> I don't share my $HOME dirs via NFS or anything for a couple of reasons. 
>   First, since I use a variety of Linux distros, I know the dot-files 
> will collide with each other.  Second, some laptops aren't always 
> connected, and NFS gets really unhappy about stuff like that.  Third I 
> *think* I have my U/GIDs consistent, but I'd have to check, and NFS 
> wants that.  And forth I'm probably missing some other reasons.
> My solution thus far has been to put "data" into a $HOME/MyDocs dir on 
> my main file server, and connect to that via Samba or SSHFS as needed. 
> That works great.  For me.
> Now I'm finally getting my wife to try moving over to TB and FF on 
> Ubuntu, perhaps with some Picasa (yuck) and OpenOffice thrown in.  How 
> can I most seamlessly connect her to her data from Ubuntu Hardy on her 
> laptop?  (Yes, Hardy, I like LTS versions.  But UbuntuOne sounds cool.)
> I know I could set up SSH keys and script SSHFS, but I'm not sure how 
> seamless that would be and I don't want to reinvent or have to maintain 
> any wheels that Ubuntu/Gnome have already solved.  (Remember, Ubuntu 
> Hardy...)
> Clues?
> JP

as promised, check it out- native NFS on windows (you'll need your
install media)

unless you mean the LAPTOP is hardy (i apologize; i found what you were
asking a teeny bit ambiguous), in which case sshfs is the way to go.
sshfs is fairly seamless.

if you, as i originally interpreted it, are referring to a windows
machien grabbing Tb and Fx profiles from a linux machine, the dot dirs
can be seamlessly copied over to windows and is totally compatible, and
vice versa (i BELEVE the mozilla directories under windows are under one
of the Application Data dirs).
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