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Re: [PLUG] data in $HOME

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JP Vossen wrote:
> Thanks again for all the thought and great answers.  I am now reasonably 
> sure I'm not missing something obvious (who, me?).  Unless someone comes 
> up with anything better at the last minute, I will probably write a 
> quick script that will just wrap around SSHFS (which is awesome, BTW).
> I have a similar batch file (yes, really) on the Windows side to re-map 
> drives when (not if) Windows loses them.  It's actually kind of neat. 
> There's a bit of voodoo involved that I should document one of these days.
> As a totally OT example, Windows lacks a 'sleep 5' command but you can 
> trivially fake it like this: 'ping -n 5 localhost > NUL'.  Not 
> guaranteed to be 5 seconds exactly, but...
> Thanks,
> JP

OH! i totally forgot to mention codaFS.

it's a little like openAFS but it supports nifty things like caching
when off the network and autosynching once it's back on, etc.

i know you run a mixed network though, and there is no windows
implementation to my knowledge.
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