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Re: [PLUG] OT: Which Windows Anti-Virus?

James Barrett wrote:
> I suggest a hardware firewall running Linux.  Configure it as a
> transparent bridge using two NICs.  Use ebtables to route all http
> traffic through squid and install clamav.  If you want to have content
> filtering for the kids, then it is very easy to add DansGuardian to
> this configuration.  If they start using HTTPS Proxy servers to
> circumvent DansGuardian, then you can implement deep packet filtering
> to drop all SSL traffic.
However, if you haven't setup these tools before,  then this is likely
going to be
several days or more to learn all these tools,  and several days more to
up with a production tested configuration.   A good learning experience
perhaps,  but then
only you will be able to support it. 

If you not interested in the academic exercise,   then the free Linux
"Endian Firewall - community )  might be useful.    And just about any
admin could probably support it.

http://efw.it  (  Web GUI,  4 zones, http proxy, clamAV, DansGuardian ,
much more )


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