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Re: [PLUG] Quicken alternative?

I tried to use the GnuCash program and found:

Transactions must balance.
All data from download came into the register.

Was unable to setup cash so I could initiate downloads from within the
When a transaction was split and involved more than 1 account with online
banking data, updating the data broke the entries, after manual correction
subsequent updates would .
Data from downloads had to be manually edited to make sense (the payee line
as imported was useless). 
No automatic renaming as in Quicken.
No support for initiating payments from Cash, had to use banks online
Due to the other negative items using Cash was more time consuming than

So when Intuit breaks my copy of Quicken I will pay for the upgrade. 

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Foul, evil, TRAFFIC-INTENSIVE program, that is.  I hate it almost as much as

No helpful content here.

(although Art seems to like something called Kmymoney - he can elaborate)

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