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Re: [PLUG] Synaptics Touchpad Question

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John Karr wrote:
> I was trying to figure out how to get my synaptics touchpad to become
> disabled whenever I have a mouse plugged into the laptop.
> In the process I managed to turn the touchpad completely off, where I
> can no longer activate it again. I've used the gnome mouse application
> to try and activate it again and gysnaptics/syndaemon. My conclusion was
> that of the options that seem available, the best was to use the mouse
> applet to enable/disable the touchpad as needed. I seem to have it
> permanently disabled, and can't figure out a means of reactivating it.
> If anyone has any ideas of alternative utilites. There are no options in
> bios for the device. The laptop is an Acer AspireOne751.

First list the modules using
lsmod | grep -i ps2

Most touch pads use the ps2 interface

Actually, I compiled 2 custom kernels so that my wireless would work.

1 with the ps2 mouse and one without the ps2 mouse.  I hate the touch
pad so much I don't even want a module that could accidentally be
installed into  the kernel.

My Logitech wireless mouse works like a charm.

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