Brian Vagnoni on 29 Sep 2009 16:29:26 -0700

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[PLUG] WiMax First Looks

First looks at Clear Equipment & Service.

Motorola CPEi 150 WiMax Base Station. Default password is motorola.

Sorry for all the links, it's football season, and I'm very busy at work. If I had a blog, I would now have something to blog about :-). But I don't, so hear ya go. Some of the pic's are edited removing private content.

The Moto unit gives you a default network. WAN IP's are assigned out of Washington state. This is bad news if you are law enforcement or a forensics person; great if you value anonymity. No ports appear to be blocked, like SSH. Static ip's are available for an additional charge. Whether they will do the reverse dns for you is another question. 

I have 5 x 5 signal strength here in my apartment, located near 5 points in the NE. I did a speed test, and saw 30m/1m, did a test, and saw 3m/300k. Tried downloading a large file, via firefox from, and saw 500k/sec - 700k/sec average rate.

Though the network is not officially active until 10/1/09, and with a base station in my car, I saw signal present most of the time in my travels around town. Tower to tower transition seems sudden and abrupt from the units signal strength indicator perspective. I'm told that is part of the start up process for them. I need to do a lot more testing, and am holding judgment until after the first.

Clear so far seems very business friendly, unlike cell companies who really don't care unless you are talking 1000's of units. I'm told you will be able to roam, city to city, for no additional charge, where and when available. Taking your internet with you is a cool concept. 

My biggest complaint is with the equipment not having the option for an external antenna. HELLLLLOOOO wireless. However I'm told a hardware hack can be used to add one, as the connector is just underneath the plastic. Not my equipment, so I won't be opening one up anytime soon.

Initial applications thoughts, a cheap & technologically different Internet backup/failover option that has some b###s. 

Though early, so far so good. It's nice to see a wireless technology work as advertised. 

If you have any question please feel free to ask.

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