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Re: [PLUG] WiMax First Looks

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
First looks at Clear Equipment & Service.

Motorola CPEi 150 WiMax Base Station. Default password is motorola.

My biggest complaint is with the equipment not having the option for an external antenna. HELLLLLOOOO wireless. However I'm told a hardware hack can be used to add one, as the connector is just underneath the plastic. Not my equipment, so I won't be opening one up anytime soon.
Even for WiFi the FCC required unique Antenna connectors be used such that the 'public' couldn't easily
switch antenna's   ( the rules require that Xmit power < 30dBm and  that Xmit power + Antenna gain (EIRP)
be less than 36dBm for point to multipoint ),   so if you don't know how to calculate this you have no business
changing antennas, and this is in the 'unlicenced' band.

It actually was somewhat questionable to change antennas on WiFi until the new FCC rule passed
in 2004.   ( unlicensed spectrum only )

In the licensed band used by Wi-Max that equipment + antenna is certified together,  and
therefore you can't change the antenna without recertification tests,   and the person making the
mods would have to be appropriately FCC licensed.       With licensed transmitters in a licensed band the regs are
going to be stricter than the unlicensed WiFi band.   I'd advise anyone to be very careful about making any hardware
mods to these devices.

The manufacturer, of course,  would be expected to supply a range of suitable and
tested alternate antennas in this case.


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