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Re: [PLUG] OT: Sci Fi Background Advice Needed

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> From: Casey Bralla
> > I'm writing a short SF story and need some suggestions
> about some
> > background 
> > info. 
> > 
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> Casey, your timing is unbelievable. According to this
> article, good sci-fi must have dragons and human females
> having sex with each other. :-) Why I'm not sure. I don't
> remember ever seeing a story where humans and dragons were
> having sex. Clearly I've lead a sheltered life. 

"The Cardinal's Blades" by Pierre Pevel and more famously "Last Exit
to Babylon."
Last Exit is a freeway through time where our hero, a man dragon, is
bringing weapons to the Athenians to resist the Persians at Marathon.
He loves a human female from the middle 20th Century, when the book
was written, and there is a dragonness who is supposedly fated to him
who ends up with a T-Rex.  "Not much of a brain, but God what a body."
Blades is a romp through Dumas country with dragons.  Interestingly, the
hero, de Fargue, is one of the guys trying to kill the musketeers in 
Dumas.  The Cardinal in question is, of course, Richelieu though his cats
have been changed to dragonets for purposes of the author.  There is an
old race of reptiles that have taken human form to survive and as they
keep in contact they have used the Spanish court, the Holy Roman Empire,
as their base of operations.
In both cases, the human consort is implied to believe that he or she is
consorting with another human.

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