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Re: [PLUG] Clearwire WiMAX service started in Philadelphia two weeks ago

I was just quoted these prices:

Clear.com   1.888.888.3114

Pick (2) Option  Home + Mobile  ( but does NOT include roaming to 3G ) 
the roaming option
must be bought on a seperate plan for $70/mo for just mobile.

$55/mo  -  Home+Mobile,  3-6Gb/s down,  1Gb/s up,
$10/mo  -  each  static IP
$69.99   -  Home modem purchase
$59.99  -  USB 4g only modem purchase

For  Home +  3G/4G mobile   ( I believe with the 5GB/mo cap on mobile )
$50/mo +  $70/mo  service
$10/mo  - each static ip home
$69.99 -  home modem
$225    -   3g/4g USB modem

The service to Collegeville  just went live in the last few days.   West
Chester is still not covered.


Greg Helledy wrote:
> I notice that they offer separate Home and Mobile plans.
> https://www.clear.com/shop/services
> The Basic Home offers "download speeds of 1Mbps and upload speeds of 500 
> Kbps" and costs $25 a month.  Mobile starts at $35, and is $45 (before 
> special pricing) for unlimited.  It offers "Download speeds up to* 6.0 
> Mbps, Upload speeds up to 1.0 Mbps"
> What's the differentiation for a service delivered wirelessly?  I mean, 
> why wouldn't you get a USB WiMax device and plug it into your laptop 
> with the $25 Home plan, unless you wanted the extra speed?  And if so, 
> why don't they just list plans by speed instead of by Home/Mobile?
> Greg

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