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Re: [PLUG] Clearwire WiMAX service started in Philadelphia twoweeks ago

Drew Lehman wrote:
> Plans are listed by Home or Mobile based on the equipment you get.  The
> home unit is a larger unit that needs A/C for power.  IT has a larger
> (internal) antenna and is rated for a better signal indoors (and tends
> to get better speeds).  The mobile is the USB device.  The system can
> limit the speeds by device, so the limited plans really are limited.
> The unlimited plans with the highest speeds are not capped, and you can
> potentially get speeds of 10-12Mbs, but they cannot advertise that.
> Also, due to the E911 issue, you can only get the VoIP service on the
> home units.
> All units can be used in any region that has Clear 4G, so your not
> limited to a "home" region.
> As for pricing, the dealers often has room for rebates.  For example,
> I'm offering a rebate of one month on the pick 2 and 3 plans (1 home, 1
> mobile or 2 mobiles or 1 home, one mobile and VoIP)
> Some odd restrictions though on advertising, so you probably won't see
> many dealers use TV or radio to advertise, but you probably will get
> sick of the branded advertising starting on the 18th.

Ok, so it's a purely-artificial differentiation, enforced by MAC ID.  I 
don't like when companies do that type of thing.  On a positive note, it 
also means I could bring my Home modem with me and use it anywhere I can 
get power.


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