jeff on 26 Oct 2009 10:28:02 -0700

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[PLUG] Koalic Kinkajou 9.10

Just squoze Xubuntu 9.10 RC into a virtual machine, running under Jumpin 
Jehosephat 8.10.

There was absolutely no surprise on my part when it *just ran*. 
Installation took 17 minutes or less.  Doesn't suck up every single 
resource, hasn't crashed.

The only thing that was even borderline weird (and I know weird) was 
that the Synaptic window kept snapping back to size after I expanded it.

Evolution is working fine with the Exchange plugin.  Firefox and Opera 
are good.  It looks decent, after I got rid of the hideous blue 
wallpaper (as opposed to the hideous brown wallpaper).

Unfortunately I can't say the same thing about the OTHER OS I managed to 
get running in a VM.  It's giving me a lot of grief over networking and 
they managed to hide everything from the hapless users who paid to beta 
test it.

I could have predicted this.  I probably *did*.

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