Michael Lazin on 27 Oct 2009 12:31:44 -0700

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[PLUG] hydrogen eating CPU on ubuntu studio

I recently installed Ubuntu Studio on my desktop PC, it's old, it's an AMD64 2 ghz with Ubuntu Studio 64.  I have been playing around with the tools and I'm finding that when I start hydrogen it eats up all my CPU and freezes the machine.  A friend of mine told I should look into CPU scaling, but I looked it up and it seems CPU scaling is used to limit power the CPU is using.   I'm not sure if this is the right solution since it's a desktop machine and it does not have a battery.  Anyone have any experience with hydrogen and Ubuntu Studio?  I would like to use it but it slows down my machine immensely.  I am using a m-audio audiophile 2496 with ALSA for sound.  Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks. 

Michael Lazin

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