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Re: [PLUG] Blank Gnome Desktop

* Jeff Bailey ( wrote:

> I still get the same issue - root can log in and get a desktop, but my
> user can't.  I get a graphical login prompt and can log in, but when
> it switches to the desktop, it just goes black.

This sounds like something is definitely wrong with your user.  Try
creating a new (non-privileged) user, to make sure its not a permissions

Assuming that works, I would try checking how gnome is being started.
It's usually in a file that has "xinit" in the name (.xinit, xinitrc,
etc).  You might also check ~/.xsession-errors for any error messages.

If you have an ~/.xsession, that's probably where the issue lies.  Clear
it out and put only "exec bash" in it.  Then X should start with bash as
your "window manager".  (Obviously, this won't be a long term solution.)
If that works, and you had an ~/.xsession before, trying removing that
file and restart X.

IOW, try to trace through exactly what's being called as X starts
(start with "which startx").  Eventually you should find something that
doesn't seem right.


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