Art Alexion on 2 Nov 2009 03:35:10 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Blank Gnome Desktop

On Monday 02 November 2009 00:14:40 Jeff Bailey wrote:
> Oct 31, 2009 11:39:36 PM, I wrote:
> > Haven't fixed it yet...
> OK, it's fixed, but I don't know what did it.
> I kept moving "dot" files/dirs out of the way, and eventually, I got a
>  desktop.
> I started moving the "dot" files/dirs back, and could never get the desktop
>  to "break" again.
> So, it's back to the way it was when it was "broken", but now it works.
> C'est la vie.

Coincidentally, I updated my home desktop from Hardy to Karmic this weekend -- 
Kubuntu -- KDE 4.  KDE 4.3 seemed functional and reliable enough to finally 
give up 3.5. I developed the same disappearing desktop in the process.  As JP 
says, here is the solution for google's sake.

I used command line 'do-release-upgrade'.  Hardy to intrepid went semi-
smoothly.  No xorg video.  The culprit was fglrx, the proprietary ATI driver 
which didn't upgrade.  'sudo aptitude purge fglrx' solved the problem and set 
up the open source radeon  driver instead.  Other than the fact that it now 
works, I don't see a difference.  It's been a year, but I recall video problems 
Hardy -> Intrepid last year at work.  Not a high priority bug to fix, I 

Intrepid -> Jaunty went better, except that is when the entire desktop was 
lost except konsole.  I didn't bother fixing it, hoping that Jaunty -> Karmic 
would.  It didn't.

This time the fix was 
1. log out of KDE
2. go to tty1
3. rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*

Log back in and everything was back.

I have a Konsole 4 question that I'll ask in a new thread.

Hope this helps someone.
Art Alexion
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