Art Alexion on 2 Nov 2009 03:43:34 -0800

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[PLUG] Konsole 4 question

I have konsole auto starting when I log into KDE.  The KDE 3 session saver 
saved konsole sessions and preferred schema.  KDE 4 does not seem so.  Konsole 
opens, but with no session tabs open.

Am I missing a setting, or is this something I  have to get used to?

Related question: I had KDE 3 set up so that I could explicitly save sessions, 
but they weren't automatically saved on exit.  As this is an upgrade, KDE 4 
seems to be using my last saved session from KDE3, but I don't see where I can 
set up an explicit save command. Save on exit seems to have remained turned 

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