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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird Lightning

I installed it some time ago but never used it.  I recall it was an early version so the documentation was very thin - and apparently still is.  Once I discovered that it would not interact with my google calendar I relegated it to "ignore: yes; uninstall: no;" status.

Please keep us updated on your success (or lack thereof) as I have several customers who rely heavily on Exchange and I'd like to find a way to make Thunderbird work with the Exchange calendars.


Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
Is anyone using this extension?

When my company moved from exchange 2003 -> 2007, evolution broke.  The 
evolution-mapi plugin is not ready for a production environment.  I got 
davmail ( working with Thunderbird for mail, 
but I can't seem to create a calendar in lightning.  It displays a calendar, 
but editing events, configuring or creating an new calendar, all seem 
impossible.  Short of a brief FAQ, there isn't much documentation on the 
lightning site.  Google doesn't seem to help much either.

Anyone deal with this or know of a good source of info?

I may just go with kontact, but I wanted to stick to gnome apps on my gnome 
box, and kde apps on the kde box.


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