JP Vossen on 22 Nov 2009 20:11:54 -0800

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[PLUG] New maps for TomTom One 2nd using Linux?

My wife would like me to update the map on her TomTom One (I think it's 
a second edition unit).  Since it has an SD slot I'd been assuming I 
could just buy an SD card with the new map and stick it in, but it seems 
it's not that easy.  (And why isn't it?  Morons.)

I also find the TomTom site a nightmare to navigate for this purpose, 
when you'd think that would be one of the most important things for them 
to do clearly.  Sigh.

 From what I now gather, you are require to use the Windows/Mac only 
TomTomHome software and probably go buy an extra SD card in order to 
update the map.  This looks like such a pain, and the company seems so 
lame WRT Linux that I'm seriously considering ditching them and buying 
something that works right with Linux.

I see conflicting reports that TomTomHome works under Wine; the negative 
reports usually relate to USB issues, one positive report said it Just 
Worked under Wine/Ubuntu 9.10.  But I also see reports that the damn 
thing is Java and XUL so WTH doesn't it run under Linux?!?


1) Has anyone updated maps on a similar unit under Linux and if so, how? 
  (I'll probably try it using Wine, but that still smells like defeat.)

2) What do you recommend as a new unit that doesn't suck, works right 
with Linux, and ideally can easily capture waypoints (i.e., for 
OpenStreetmap updates)?

FYI, for any other TomTom customers, see this online petition for Linux 

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