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Re: [PLUG] Fios users.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:49 PM, Carl Johnson
<> wrote:
> Then how would the settop(s) get the guide/widget/vod data with no MoCA?

Line comes in ethernet, goes to your router.
Coax line comes in, connects to your internal coax setup,

You connect the actiontek inside your lan -- give it an internal IP
address, give the actiontek a different subnet than your main router.

Splice coax out into your cable setup (i'm not clear on this part.
When my mother got FiOS TV installed after internet, I'm pretty sure
that's how the tech set it up. But I didn't set that part up, and I
didn't get FiOS TV in my house).

And that's it. Your internet comes through your router, the actiontek
gets internet through your router, the actiontek assigns its IPs to
your set up top boxes, and provides internet over MOCA. If your router
has QOS, you may want to increase priority to connections to/from the
actiontek's IP

Other people suggest just leaving the Actiontek where it is, and
DMZing your router to it. However, the main issue I had with the
actiontek is that its NATS table was very small; if you had a large
amount of connections, it would just drop new connections. That isn't
fixed by DMZing your router.

However, I should point out that when I replaced the Actiontek, the
one they were giving was a huge honking router, that got super hot and
wasn't worth its weight in excrement (and it was worth a lot of
excrement). The new version is smaller, and seems to work better. I
have the new version set up in my house, and I haven't replaced it yet
-- but I have the option to, because it's setup for ethernet.
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