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Re: [PLUG] Fios users.

Joe Terranova wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:49 PM, Carl Johnson
> <> wrote:
>> Then how would the settop(s) get the guide/widget/vod data with no MoCA?
> Line comes in ethernet, goes to your router.
> Coax line comes in, connects to your internal coax setup,
> You connect the actiontek inside your lan -- give it an internal IP
> address, give the actiontek a different subnet than your main router.
> Splice coax out into your cable setup (i'm not clear on this part.
> When my mother got FiOS TV installed after internet, I'm pretty sure
> that's how the tech set it up. But I didn't set that part up, and I
> didn't get FiOS TV in my house).
> And that's it. Your internet comes through your router, the actiontek
> gets internet through your router, the actiontek assigns its IPs to
> your set up top boxes, and provides internet over MOCA. If your router
> has QOS, you may want to increase priority to connections to/from the
> actiontek's IP
> Other people suggest just leaving the Actiontek where it is, and
> DMZing your router to it. However, the main issue I had with the
> actiontek is that its NATS table was very small; if you had a large
> amount of connections, it would just drop new connections. That isn't
> fixed by DMZing your router.

Hummm, why not?  The NAT table only has to hold one route - that being the route
between the Internet and the Linux-based router.  I've never had any trouble
that I could identify as being caused by the too-small NAT table in the
Actiontec.  My computers, my wife's computer, and the children's computers all
appear to access the Internet flawlessly.  What kind of problem will I see if
the NAT table does fill up?  No Internet access?

> However, I should point out that when I replaced the Actiontek, the
> one they were giving was a huge honking router, that got super hot and
> wasn't worth its weight in excrement (and it was worth a lot of
> excrement). The new version is smaller, and seems to work better. I
> have the new version set up in my house, and I haven't replaced it yet
> -- but I have the option to, because it's setup for ethernet.

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