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Re: [PLUG] Netbooks for High school

Well you can obviously only count on around 6 hours max would be my guess. Those battery life estimates are a joke.

2009/11/23 Lee Marzke <>
A friend's daughter has requested a Laptop for high school use in West
Chester next year.
Apparently several kids have them already ,  guess things have changed
since I was
in school.

Obviously I'm suggesting a Netbook running Linux because:

- I've converted her father's PC to Ubuntu 2 years ago.

- Her Windows PC took only a year to get clogged up with malware and
  quit working.

- She has a problem downloading expensive games  and/or DRM'ed music
 so the free Ubuntu repository should help curb this.

- The purpose of the computer would be for School work and not games .

Does anyone have experience with using Linux and/or Netbooks in the
local public schools.
I"ve heard that teachers are requiring PowerPoint presentation  and/or
out various reports on the school web site that are in microsoft
proprietary formats.

1.  Do local schools really require Ms programs and how would you get
around this for
   clueless teachers ?

2.  Is the Netbook otherwise a good fit ? I personally can't see lugging
around a full
size laptop.

3. Any comments on the Asus PC 1005HA,  which is listed as Ubuntu Remix
 LED backlight  10.5 hr battery,  160Gb disk, 95% size keyboard.


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