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Re: [PLUG] Netbooks for High school

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 7:58 PM, Lee Marzke <lee@marzke.net> wrote:
> A friend's daughter has requested a Laptop for high school use in West
> Chester next year.
> Apparently several kids have them already ,  guess things have changed
> since I was
> in school.
> Obviously I'm suggesting a Netbook running Linux because:
> - I've converted her father's PC to Ubuntu 2 years ago.
> - Her Windows PC took only a year to get clogged up with malware and
>   quit working.
> - She has a problem downloading expensive games  and/or DRM'ed music
>  so the free Ubuntu repository should help curb this.
> - The purpose of the computer would be for School work and not games .
> Does anyone have experience with using Linux and/or Netbooks in the
> local public schools.
> I"ve heard that teachers are requiring PowerPoint presentation  and/or
> handing
> out various reports on the school web site that are in microsoft
> proprietary formats.
> 1.  Do local schools really require Ms programs and how would you get
> around this for
>    clueless teachers ?

Google Documents.

> 2.  Is the Netbook otherwise a good fit ? I personally can't see lugging
> around a full
> size laptop.

Make sure the keyboard isn't too cramped / oddly mapped.  The Dell
Mini 10v is a nice compromise of size and keyboard utility.

> 3. Any comments on the Asus PC 1005HA,  which is listed as Ubuntu Remix
> compatable
>  LED backlight  10.5 hr battery,  160Gb disk, 95% size keyboard.

I'd also suggest an SSD for sake of durability, which can be smaller
in size to keep cost down.

Also, make sure the RAM is maxed out (2GB); DDR2 is cheap ($30?) and
memory is a major bottleneck, especially when multitasking and/or with
many web browser tabs open.
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