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Re: [PLUG] open office, was notebooks for high school

--- On Wed, 11/25/09, Art Clemons <> wrote:

From: Art Clemons <>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] open office, was notebooks for high school
To: "Philadelphia Linux User's Group Discussion List" <>
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 4:51 PM

> I am hoping someone could point me to document conversion programs for
> open office with such archaic word processors as star office or multimate.
> The document conversion from the original multimate was the best I have
> seen as it not only translated the documents from outside sources into its own
> format but it translated them back. 

I'm not sure about Multimate but star office docs will likely always
work with OpenOffice if just because of the relationship between Sun and
OpenOffice.  StarOffice has either become just a commercially supported
version of OpenOffice, or StarOffice is an offshoot of OpenOffice in
terms of operations.  StarOffice can deal with the ODT files of
OpenOffice quite handily too.

I recently transfered some files from a machine that had run SUSE 7.0
to the Ubuntu 8.10 that I am using currently.  I had a bit of a problem
with the documents.

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